GoodluckMINOS 2018 ,Italy


,United Arab Emirates

→←vampirewave, a perfect overlord, my height is three meter, my vampire age is 22 我血族22岁已转换 merely my head is expensive handsome, best klothing for me handsome west boys merely, YES, we misogyny very handsome 我极魅厌女 exclusive, we dislike asian chinese male ugly black people ugly west people, we reap them, I didn't kill anybody 消灭穿越 行者富足 我没杀人 上帝护我

I am eternal fire, I am charms, I'm in safety, but my blood dirty, my dna infected you~~~...reflected you, making you ugly forever, I'm not sorry, I'm not banana, I'm not acid, I'm not mother, I'm not face down, I'm not nose down, I'm not fucking people, I don't have the sin, over keys, cook out, spots out, anti-fatigue, anti-contamination, anti-deterioration

"yes, I'm anti-spots superstar"

I'm PRETTY BIGGESTEYES SLIMSHORTNOSE WEST GHOSTS possessed merely, narcissist, no sex, not satanism, I don't love anybody else, merely my BIGGESTEYES SLIMSHORTNOSE WEST GHOSTS very handsome