ZHANG SONG 1980 朝阳,中国



At the age of six, he began to study fine arts. He graduated from the first studio of the Mural Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated from the first high-level seminar for young artists today. From 2009 to 2010, he created and painted murals of Huayan Temple in Datong City, Shanxi Province. Draw the murals of Ordos City and Inner Mongolia Ordos in Inner Mongolia. In 2010, he created and painted the murals of the Mongolian Sources in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, and the central figure Kangxi. The works were published in the August 2012 issue of Contemporary Art. The work "One Life, One Double", "Contemporary Art", October 2012, Art Youth "Zhang Song: Art Practice on Faith"

Noon, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
The moment, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Ideal Country Contemporary Art Exhibition Manai Art Space Beijing
"Generation of the World" New Generation Artists Exhibition Rafael Art Center Beijing