ZHANG GUO 1971 泰安,中国




He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Tai'an Teachers College, the undergraduate of Qufu Normal University, and the postgraduate course of Qufu Normal University. Since childhood, he has loved the art of calligraphy and painting. His works have been published, participated in, won awards, and collected. He also participated in charity activities. He donated two original oil paintings in the Shouguang disaster relief donation activities, and was collected by collectors. Beijing artamd signed artists, Art and Culture Network signed a contract with the artist;

In calligraphy, there are more than 20 copies of "Calligraphy", from Oracle to modern times, and finally settled on the body;

In terms of carving, using the rich peach resources of the hometown, it took about three years to complete the peach-nuclear micro-carving work, "Water Margins, One Hundred and Eight", which was praised by experts. Shen Zhuhua, a senior professor at Shandong Institute of Arts and Crafts, wrote an article entitled "Micro-seeking Macro-Peach Kernel Carving Water Margin Characters One Hundred and Eight".

My essay "Micro-seeking macro-My peach kernel-carved Shuihu character hundred and eight" will be accepted by the Chinese Arts and Crafts Association's paper collection activity, "Art Headlines" specifically introduces Zhang Guotao peach kernel sculpture.

In terms of oil painting, the painter organically combines the French impressionism with the freehand spirit of Chinese painting. The work has the artistic characteristics of “impression + intention”, and believes that beauty is around, and you need to carefully discover the artistic creed.

Exhibition / Award / Collection
"Purple Symphony" won the National Teacher and Student Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Excellence Award
The first Taishan Cup Painting and Calligraphy Awards won the Excellence Award
Won the honorary title of "Taishan Painting and Calligraphy"
The first watercolor gouache art exhibition in Shandong Province
"Hu Zhuang Church" "Northern Stone Bridge" "Sunshine Sand Dunes" was selected for the watercolor sketch auction
Oil painting "Dawn" is collected by collectors
Eighteen original oil paintings were accepted and published by the National Philatelic Center
"The Morning of Early Winter" "Autumn" "Professor Dormitory of Qufu Normal University" was included in Baidu