TAO DAMIN 1978 上海,中国




He graduated from the Chinese Painting Department of the China Academy of Art in 2002 and graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. He has published "Art Contemporary", "A+A Fifth Exhibition", "Daily-Intuitive Drawing of Cultural Survival", IN Contemporary Youth Art Exhibition, "Young Artists Promotion Exhibition", "China New Sharp Painting Excellence Award"; works are collected in the Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Qinghe Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna MOYA Art Museum, Slant Art Space, Platform China, Art Center of View, Vision Art Center

Exhibition / Awards
“everyday” The second cultural survival episode of the instinct, Qinghe Museum of Contemporary Art Nanjing
Visual Vision Art Center Shanghai
"Repainting" Tao Dazhao's Works Exhibition Vision Art Center Shanghai
"After Portrait" Luben Gallery Seoul
Intuitive depiction of "daily" cultural survival Qinghe Museum of Contemporary Art Nanjing
A+A fifth round exhibition slant new art space Beijing
Two-Dimensional Dimension New Age Gallery Beijing
IN Contemporary Youth Art Exhibition Bund Art Museum / ParkRyuSook Gallery Shanghai
“Looking to the Thick” Young Artists Group Exhibition Platform China Beijing
Shanghai Art Fair Young Artists Promotion Exhibition
Xiao Ping Gallery opening ceremony Shanghai
"Global and European Youth Art" Annual Exhibition MOYA Art Museum Vienna
Intervention 366 Zendai Museum of Modern Art Shanghai
Dragonair China New Painting Awards Merit Award
China New Sharp Painting Merit Award Art Center Shanghai/Beijing
345° New Art Exhibition Duolun Museum of Modern Art Shanghai
Asian Youth Arts Festival Qinshan Gallery Seoul