LU ZHENGYUAN 1982 大连,中国



Born in 1982 in Dalian, China
Graduated in 2009 from the Central Academy of Fine Arts master's degree
Now living in Beijing

2010 "planned" by Sui Jianguo Lu Zhengyuan: 84 days, 84 works Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing)
201,051 square: 10 # Lu Zhengyuan Taikang Space Beijing
2010 Lu Zheng far solo exhibition, Marella Gallery, Beijing
Self-experience 2008 - Young Artists Exhibition Platform China Contemporary Art Institute A space

2011 A Clear Horizon - 1978 Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Temple Museum of Art
2011 Christmas Yiwu (Eve) - The White Box of The 2012 Micro-Work Carnival Museum of Art, Beijing
2011 Art to No - Contemporary Youth Arts Present Situation Exhibition Museum of Taiyuan, Shanxi Shanxi
2011 Youth Art 100 (Shanghai) Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai
2011 Is Not A vegetarian! Eclectic Art Space
Rui, Rui Ranking Arts Plan 2011, Mercure Hotel
2011 Long Nine Sons - Sui Jianguo Student Art Exhibition Red Star Gallery, Beijing
2011 Thought the Shape and Dimension - Youth Artists Group Exhibition Hanmo Gallery
2011 Stall Back: Pumping - Young Artists the Anonymous Exhibition West Art Center, Beijing
201151M ²: 16 young artists the Taikang space Beijing
2011 You Are Not A Small Thing Beijing Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing
2010 The Concept of Enzyme Chengdu A4 Contemporary Art Center of Sichuan
2010 to Force - the YCA Young Contemporary Artists Exhibition Lai Space Shanghai
2010 Get It Louder: Share '(Shanghai) Show 800 Creative Garden
2010 Get It Louder: Sanlitun SOHO in Beijing, Share Doctrine (Beijing)
2010 Found That: The Value of Refactoring@2010 Shanghai Art Fair International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition Center Shanghai
2010 Sculpture - Sui Jianguo, and Several of His Students, Chengdu A4 Contemporary Art Center
2010 Material, Non-Material - Handmade Sculpture Material form Show Porcelain Contemporary Art Gallery (Beijing)
2010 Uncertain of the Possibility of - 798 and the Surrounding Art Community Youthexhibition Songzhuang Art
2009 Workshop: The Artist is How It Works Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
2009 Experiment: the Enlightenment and Will Reiterate - the Development of Young Artistsrecommended 798 Square Metal Library
2009 "Poetic daily" - China's Young Artists Group Exhibition National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing