JIANG CHAO 1984 四川,中国



Graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2007, his works are collected in the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Kansas University Art Museum, and Deshan Art Space

Exhibition / Awards
“The meaning of plural” Egyptian International Book Fair China Contemporary Print Exhibition Cairo International Exhibition Center
"The Realm of Visualization" National High School Art Online Screen Print Exhibition
The 9th National Copperplate Edition Silk Screen Print Exhibition
Busan Art Festival Korea
"Plain" January Contemporary Beijing
"Quiet Tracing - From Realism to Abstraction" January Contemporary Beijing
"The Paradise of the Machine" Print Exhibition 798 Art Coffee Beijing
Second Prize of the Outstanding Graduates Exhibition of the Central Academy of Fine Arts
"My Story" won the third prize of the "Outstanding Works of the Academy"
Central Academy of Fine Arts Printmaking Ten People Exhibition West Five Art Center Beijing
“SHOW” five-person print exhibition Today Art Museum Beijing
Second prize of the Academy's annual outstanding exhibition