# HIHEY000807


Golden Paper Plane

Medium : Oil on Canvas

Dimensions : 250×120㎝

Year : 2010

Markings : 刘忠华

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  • Listed:2011-08-04
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1979 Born in Shenyang, China
1985-1998 BeiHong Art School High School
1999-2003 Graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Bachelor
2003-2007 Teaching at Animation School of JiLin Art College, Head of Fundamental Department
2007-2010 Graduated from Guanzhou Academy of Fine Arts Master

Solo Exhibitions
2012 Back to the future, Berlin
2011 Future of the future, San Diego
2011 Future of the future, Beijing
2008 Liu ZhongHua’s Gang of Four, Beijing

Group Exhibitions
2012 Young China Artists 300, Beijing
2011 Interval Chinese Contemporary Painting Group Show, Beijing
2011 Mustard Seed Garden, Beijing
2010 Bizarre Panorama, Singapore
2010 Shanghai International Artwork Expo, Shanghai
2010 Affordable Art Beijing (AAB) 2010, Beijing
2009 Singapore International Art Fair
2009 Feelings, Shandong
2009 Juvenile emotional New faces in contemporary art group exhibition, Beijing
2009 Affordable Art Beijing(AAB), Beijing
2008 MV a group installation show by six top emerging chinese artists, Hongkong
The Sunshine Invitation of International Art Annual Exhibition, Beijing
Gas station four person Exhibition, Shanghai
2008 Affordable Art Beijing(AAB), Beijing
The 5th Guangdong Printmaking Exhibit, Shenzhen
2006 "Traces”Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing
2006 Archaeology Of The Future-The Second Triennial Of Chinese Art
2005 "Image cola"China Contempte Arts Exibition, Changchun
2005 Archaeology Of The Future - The Second Triennial Of Chinese Art, Nanjing
2002 Changchun International Independent Image Fesival, Changchun
2002 Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao
2002 Northern Independent Image Exibition, Beijing


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To be a marker next to you and others to find.
Use commas to separate.