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Mantis 07-25

Medium : Oil on Canvas

Dimensions : 120×100㎝

Year : 2007

Markings : 王勇 Mantis Wangyong

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To me, drawing pictures was just for fun at the very beginning, which is not a hard job. However, as time goes by, I realized that drawing well is not an easy work, and sometimes it is not fun at all . It can be bored both mentally and physically. I have to admit that it was not appropriate to regard drawing as a simple task of making some good looking pictures with a sense of impulse. I am now turning into inside, trying to find something massive, something more implicit and mature, hoping to transform something visible into something sensible, impulsive into reasonable.

When I first drew pictures of mantis, I could not make it clear the relationship between them and human beings. I thought when I watched them, they watched me back as if they were communicating with me. In my pictures, they were just like human, having various feelings such as loneliness, helplessness and at the same time, they were so abstract visional.

In nature, I noticed that after intercourse, female mantis usually eat male mantis up only to accumulate more nutrition for feeding their offspring. Suddenly I understand that male mantis are ready to devote their lives for love. How romantic and solemn. Gradually, my pictures are being changed as I am changing: a mantis is looking at other mantis with knives and folks on the table in clean color, full of sense of formality and peace. 

Mantis as human beings, their living status are the focus in my pictures, struggling for understanding, suffering from inside pain and unease. They are weak images in my series pictures: sometimes lonely and sometimes hysteria; sometimes bored and sometimes fierce. Generally they are enlarged in size for the viewer to watch them face to face, being nowhere to escape. 

Wang Yong written in Songzhuang on Dec .2007


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WANG YONG1976 徐州,中国



Born in 1976 in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, China, Live in Songzhuang Beijing, 1997 Graduated in Arts department of Pengcheng University

WangYong Solo Exhibition , Les-Metamorphozes Gallery, France
China Contemporary Art Exhibition “60 70 80”in Tours-France, France
Sunshine International Art Annual Exhibition, Beijing
Made in Songzhuang Three, Beijing
Spokesman for Nature, Beijing & Shanghai
Songzhuang Contemporary Artist collective Exhibition, Beijing
TianGuangYunYing Artist collective Exhibition, Sunshine Art Museum, Beijing
One of organizer in the Extending the Great Wall for Another Ten Thousand Miles Culture Project, Beijing
Artist collective Exhibition, Xuzhou


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To be a marker next to you and others to find.
Use commas to separate.