# HIHEY005707


White Rose

Medium : Silkscreen Printing

Dimensions : 73×57㎝

Year : 2007

Markings : 贺文斌

Edition : 54/68

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庭园、黄土、小桥,这些名词与红尘香艳同处于一个画面,呈现一个异类的场景。遥远的晚钟,是画家的期待,他期待那女孩能够在画面上回过一次头,仅仅一次,去了解人生不确定和那未知的将来。 这个浮跨的时代,装得下千万个空洞的生命,却装不下一个理想,所以理想只能缩小,像被搁上天空的红月亮。 他不想解释这画面所要表达的真正含义,他放弃与人争论和挖掘那些宏大的观念。 物欲对于这一代人来讲,与我们身后的这个园林,以及它传承的那种精神,还有它执着地,想要表达出来的东西,需要有经年的付出。而我在贺文斌的画面上,看到了更多的,是他埋头创作时的姿态。


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HE WENBIN1970 陕西,中国


The painter He Wenbin was born in Shanxi and now lives in Suzhou .Graduated from the Art Academy of Suzhou University in 1995.Then he had his further education in the Xian and Tianjin Art Academy of Fine Arts .On the year of 2009,he had his further education again as an academic visitor in Nanjing Art College.
Since the 90s,With the ancient city of Suzhou more and more building are demolished ,the painter explores the inspiration of protection and renewal of the city space. He created two serialized works of "exit color"and "nobody in the ancient town".In 2004,he was concerned about the modern life of Suzhou city while his paintings changed to care about the real life in the old city. He created "backyard". Among the series, he enjoyed the life as an uninvolved bystander . Showing the vanity of the modern life by the combination of Suzhou classical gardens and the beauties in the city。

Solo Exhibitions
2011, the Empty Charm ,He Wenbin’s solo exhibiton, Curator:Xu Jialing, Yao Gallery, Songzhuang.
2007, He Wenbin Solo Show, An Opening Show of Suzhou Art Bridge Gallery.
He Wengbin Solo Paintings Show , Maijie Gallery,Beijing 798 Art Zone.
2006, Transition, He Wenbin Solo Exhibition,Suzhou Art Museum.
2000,Color Fading, He Wenbin Solo Exhibition, the Qingyuan Gallery in Suzhou.
Joint Exhibitions:
2011, Serreal Pop,an Opening Show of Enjoy Museum of Art,the curator is Pengfeng.
the Sensitive Zone,performance and document show.
2010, The 7th Sino-Korea Artist (Wuzhou) International Exchange Exhibition.
Mark Of Chaos, Behavior Installations exhibited at The 2th Accidental Arts Festival ,the Sunshine International Museum.
2009, Dialogue with Gardens at Suzhou ,SINO-US Artists Exchange Exhibition , Suzhou YuCun Gallary,the curator is Wang Runyun.
Community, Community,Songzhuang Art Festival.
Fresh Vision,The Contemporary Young Artists Invite Exhibition ,Suzhou Art Museum
China Scenario•Chongqing Station Contemporary Arts Exhibition,the Curator is Yangwei.
2008, Derived Superficies——Huangyan, He Wenbin and Zhuang YanJun Joint Exhibition , Fomo Space in 798.
My Logo,Contemporary Art Exhibiton , the Asian Contemporary Art Museum,
the curator is Huangyan.
The Future Band,the Vanguard Art Exhibition , the New Millennium Gallery in
Shanghai Spring Art Salon Fair , TRISTART International Art Institute.
The work of Rear Garden was selected by the 52nd New Pagodatree Show,the
Tokyo National Gallery in Japan.
2007, Nothing about Romantic ,exhibition of Zhang Yuying and He Wenbin , Maijie Gallery in 798.
Joint Exhibition of He Wenbin and Luo Huahao, Shanghai Roof Gallery.
2006, Image Connotation, Five-Artists Joint Exhibition, New Millenary Gallery in 798.
Dating in Spring, Vanguard Artists Joint Exhibition, Shanghai Huisheng Art Center.
2004, Excellent Design Prize in the Third Suzhou Impression Design Exhibition, Suzhou Museum
2003, Shanghai International Arts Exhibition, Shanghai World Trade Tower.
2001, Festival,Contemporary Arts Exhibition, Shanghai Wuxing Gallery.

2008 Spring Salon of art by ChinaVisual.com.
Exclusive interview by Century Online China Art Network.
Boundless plateau ,Painting the Reverie of Jiangnan in the Dream, the exclusive interview by the magazine of Treasure Evaluation .
Spring in the Town——the Bule Eyes, Special report by Xinmin Weekly
I Appreciate that the Academic Merge With the Exhibition of Suzhou, interview by the Artcun.com.
Exclusive interview by Suzhou cetv.


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