# HIHEY033902


The Global Village 13

Medium : Oil on Linen

Dimensions : 200×161㎝

Year : 2010

Markings : Signed

Condition Report : In Good Condition

  • Listed:2018-01-29
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"Global Village" series of oil painting creative description

Since the industrial revolution, we humans seem to be more peaceful and rich than ever before. However, under the immense drive of human greed, human beings have committed unprecedented mistakes. As the process of industrialization is getting faster and faster with temperatures rising steadily, Antarctic icebergs melt at an annual rate of 57 billion tons and the global population is constantly on the rise Increase, less and less forests, the frequency of decline in the index of air becomes faster, the number of global species reduction is alarming, and the ozone layer in our human head is getting bigger and bigger. Because of the different ideologies, mankind is having frequent war and mass production enough to destroy the whole Earth's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons till Apocalypse. Although we human beings are aware of the status of human existence, the pace of solidarity and governance is far behind and the gap between rich and poor is rapidly widening. The rapid development of biology and information technology is threatening to push mankind to a terrible disaster Abyss, and the extreme consumption and the desire for capital control will inevitably become the source of accelerating the end of history. No one can prove or stop it. Civilizations will eventually destroy the hands of intelligent people. However, these can not become insurmountable fate. Although I was just an ordinary citizen of humble power in a tiny, ordinary village of the earth, I chose to use the abstract painting to express an ominous prelude to the return Mother Earth gave me once in my life's chance of formation and disappearance. Finally, let us revisit the Einsteinian philosophical words - although the wisdom of mankind enough to go to outer space, but make the normal survival of mankind have not yet found.


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