# HIHEY033085


Planet Fuzuki

Medium : Digital Photoprint on Fine Art Baryta Paper

Dimensions : 65×25㎝

Year : 2002

Markings : Signed

Edition : Limit to 6 Editions

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All works are signed at the background. On request I can sign it at the front. My prices can always go Up in the future but they are never going down.


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Patricia de Ruijter, 1962 Weert
Living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the 1980s, Patricia discovered her passion for art in the Amsterdam underground scene. She experimented with poetry, painting and physical performances. Finally everything came together using the medium Photography for her artworks. Patricia also created several art festivals and exhibitions and has been supervising students from the final year of The Photoacademy Amsterdam since 2002.

As a person and throughout my work, I've been absorbed by "space" : Cultural and Natural space, Body, Mind and Spiritual space, closing the gap between these supposed opposites creates an optimal space. The word BreathingSpace reflects my personal desire perfectly. In our continually changing, evermore opening world, space turns out to be a inexhaustible source of inspiration.

* Fine Art Painting School, Leonardo Da Vinci in Barcelona. 1989/1990
*Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy 1991/1995, majored in: mixed media painting / photography /installation.
* Free universtity : philosophy and Art / History and Art

*2010: Working grant: The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.
*2002: Working grant :The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture. (BKVB)
*2007: Amsterdam Funds for the Art, Production grant for the installation no–land: Amsterdam

* De Engelbewaarder, Amsterdam / Solo Exhibition /2017 /
Titel: The Rise of the Fall. Several serials of Photographic works
* Parkers / Westergasfabriek Amsterdam / Solo Exhibition / sept till 31 dec. 2017 / Title: ex-Girl from / Photographic works s shot in Tokyo, Helsinky, Amsterdam
*No-Land / A photographic Light Installation / presented in Several Art Gallery’s & Art Festivals 2008-Now
* Art City NDSM-Wharf Amsterdam N
* Light festival Wauw, Harderwijk
* Art festival Ground Three, Den Hague
* Urban Resort Festival
* RHVD Festivals
* ADM festival. Amsterdam.
* Publication Side Lee/ Title: A Collective Daydream – Amsterdam and Montreal imagined in the year 2059
* Phototgraphic Art Installation "The Setting" /Exhibitions
*Art Gallery Space ETHER, Sofia Bulgarije
*Eco Festival, Amsterdam
*RHVD Festival, Amsterdam

*BEINGS, the wild phenomena of now /Photographic exhibitions / Phot0book
*The photobook is presented by many museums and bookshops through the World.
*Photomuseum Rotterdam / presentation, talk.
*Publications: Volkskrant magazine / Urban By Nature magazine, Architecture Biennale Rotterdam 2014
*Exhibition @ Art Space Scheltema, Amsterdam

Wild Nature in the City / Art Project / 2009-2013
A photography project and research, started in 2009
*The Balie / Amsterdam / Exhibition / 2013
A compilation from the series ‘Wild Nature in the City’
*Unseen Photo Fair / Amsterdam / Exhibition / 2013

Eco Festival ‘Landen’ / Amsterdam / Exhibition / 2013 Installation ‘Picnic into the Water of the New Lake’, hosting different workshops.
Funding: Stadsdeel Nieuw-West and Gemeente Amsterdam

Test-Portal international Now Art / Gallery / Festivals / Exhibitions
* Since 2003 till Now I developed and curated several International, Exhibitions, Festivals, Art diners and a Gallery under the name Test-Portal now Art. Presented my own work and many international Artists.
Publications: Het Parool, De Volkskrant, NoordHollands Dagblad, Vlucht Magazine
Suported by: Mondriaan Stichting, VSB Fonds, NSDM-Wharf, Amsterdam Noord, AFK (Amsterdam Art Fund)


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To be a marker next to you and others to find.
Use commas to separate.