# HIHEY002080


Portrait of Transformation-Freda Carol

Medium : Digital Photo

Dimensions : 168×150㎝

Year : 2008

Markings : Signed

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1961 Born in You-Ju, Korea
1987 BFA, Jong University, Painting Department, Korea
1994 Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara, Sculpture, Italy
1995 Studied at Kunstakademie Dusseldorf by Kounellis, Germany

Solo Exhibitions
2008 HAN JI YUN Contemporary Space, Beijing, China; Chen Ling Hui Contemporary Space, Beijing & Taipei
Shadow, Aomori Contemporary Art Center, Aomori, Japan
2007 SAVINA Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2003 “Sarubia Dabang”, Projectspace Sarubiadabang, Seoul, Korea
2000 Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1997 “Natura Morta”, Galerie STEPHANIENSTRASSE 16, Dusseldof, Germany
1994 Galerie Weis Hausle, Hechingen, Germany
Yeemock Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibitions
“Invisible vision”, HAN JI YUN Contemporary Space, Beijing, China
“Beyond language”, Soka art center, Beijing, China
“Contemporary Korea art”, China National Museum of Fine Art, Beijing, China
“Future is Haje”, Neur Kunstverein, Aschaffenburg
“Rediscovery of famous pictures”, Savina museum, Seoul, Korea
“Up-and-Comers new wave”, Kunho museum, Seoul, Korea
“IASK National Art creative Studio 5th Anniversary Exhibition”, National museum,Guochuan, Korea
“Color of Narrative”, Artside Gallery, Seoul, Korea
“Transboundary experiences”, Spool mfg, Johnson city, America
“Endless clone”Ieum gallery, Beijing, China
“Korea art of one century”, National museum of contemporary, Guochun, Korea
“International light art exhibition”Shenyang, China
“The 4th International media art biennial-Dual Realities”, city hall museum of Seoul, Korea
“Image of Narrative”, Savina Museum, Seoul, Korea
“Re-act”, Savina museum, Chejudao, Korea
“light”, Gyeonggi, Korea
“Korea International Art Fair KIAF 2005”, Seoul, Korea
“From Berlin to DMZ”, Olympics art museum, Seoul, Korea
“Black art, fine art”, Art museum of Korea-news, Seoul, Korea
“Art Omi Open Studio”, Art Omi Residency, USA
“4 from Korea”, Museum of East Asian Art, Berlin, Germany
“Cologne Art Fair”, Cologne, Germany
“Si Gak Seo Sa”, Sabina Museum, Seoul, Korea
“Out the Window”, Japan Foundation, Tokyo, Japan
“Image Curtain”, Gallery PICI, Seoul, Korea
“Out the Window”, Project Space Zip, Seoul, Korea
“Jeonju International Film Festival JIFF MIND 2004”, Jeonju, Korea
“Paper not Paper”, 175 Gallery, Seoul, Korea
“The Realing 15 Years”, Sabina Museum, Seoul, Korea
“KIAF” Coex, Seoul, Korea
“Environment and Art wander”, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea
“Chang Dong Myeong Wol”, Changdong Studio, Seoul, Korea
“Seoul Experiment Film Festival”, Seoul, Korea
“Anyang River Project”, Samduck, Anyang, Korea
“Image Utopia”, Hanjeon Plaza, Seoul, Korea
“Episode”, Chungju Art Hall, Chungju, Korea
“Jeonju International Film Festival JIFF MIND 2003”, Jeonju, Korea
“Into the Life”, Kangnam St. Mary’s Hospital, Seoul, Korea
“Revival”, Anyang, Korea
“Mix & Match”, Suwon, Korea
“Walking on the Walter”, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
“Crossing 2003”, Koa Art gallery, Hawaii, U.S.A
“Relative Reality”, Walsh Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A
“Vision21, Image Scape”, Sungsin Uni, Korea
“Artist is a magician”, Artside Gallery, Seoul, Korea
“Post-Material in India”, Santiniketan, Kolkata, India
“Mistry”, Gallery Sabina, Seoul, Korea
“Border & Change”, Nakatsue, Japan
“Capturing Nine Colors”, Youngeun Museum, Korea
“The Door“, Chung- Ang University, Seoul, Korea
“Contemporary Korean Film Festival 2002”, Aichi Arts Aenter, Nagoya, Japan
“Art Research Project in Asia”, Tokyo, Japan
“Boiling Point”, Seoul, Korea
“East of the Yellow Sea”, Ddmwarehouse, Shanghai, China
“2001 Odyssey”, Sungsan Art Hall, Chanhwon, Korea
“The Representation of Representation”, Sunggok Art Museum, Korea
“Water”, Seoul City Hall Museum, Korea
“Art Museum in Image”, Uijeongbu, Pusan, Anyang, Korea
“Media Art Festival- Dream”, Forest Ewha University, Korea
“Digital Art Network”, Technomart, Korea
“2001 Photo Festival”, Gana Art Center, Korea
“Post-Material”, Artside Gallery, Korea
“Science in Art”, Daejeoun Ciy Hall Museum, Korea
“Shark Bites Plane- Bizarre Everyday Life, Banal Deviation”, Llju Art House, Korea
“Digital Life”, Gallery Samsung Plaza, Korea
“History of Art”, Congpyoung Art Center, Korea
“Art Museum in Image”, KCAF Art Center, Korea
“Time of Coexistence”, Warehouse, Korea
“Twilight of the Century- Utopia, Dystopia”, Sungsan Art Hall, Korea
“Inchun Environment Multimedia- Art Exhibition”, Inchon Multi Art & Culture Center, Korea
“Ssamziespace Open Studio 2”, Ssamziespace, Korea
“Ho Ho Tang Tang II Wol Toung Chuk”, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
“Dong Dong Byoul Kok”, Gana Art Center, Korea
“Weight of Image”, Hong-Ik Uni, Korea
“Artside Video”, Artside Gallery, Korea
“Art Factry 2000”, Ichun, Korea
“Who’s Up and Coming ‘98”, Dong-A Gallery, Korea
“Frame”, Kumho Museum, Korea
“Pi Si Bang Saeng Ji Jeon”, Kyoung-Won University, Se-Jong University, Korea
“Frame is more beautiful than picture”, Kunho museum, Korea
“Re-Flex”, Choi Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Residency Program
1999-2000 Ssamzie Studio Residency Program
2001 Ssamsung Unni Studio Residency Program
2001 ILju Art House Studio Program
2003 Changdong Studio Residency Program
2005 Art Omi Residency Program


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To be a marker next to you and others to find.
Use commas to separate.