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Qingliang Mountain

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

Dimensions : 120×90㎝

Year : 2011

Markings : Jingzhiyong.2011

Exhibition : In 2011 He Should Think-Jing Zhiyong Solo Exhibition,Asia Art Center,Beijing
The Loss of A Common Ideology In 2011,In Ter Alia Art Company,South Korea

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Every Jing’s painting is produced on the basis of his unique life experience, for instance, scared of having a injection, feeling awkward when ran into the bathroom janitor, fighting at school, touched in the best friends’ wedding party, and converted to Buddhism …. Different from naturalistic paintings, simple lines constitute the spiritual and lingering charm of traditional Chinese paintings. Jing chooses to draw with plain colors and single lines in a way of restoring the “children’s drawing”, creating a casual and natural style. He records but not merely portrays memories – concerning emotional changes. 

Jing’s imaginative works are full of sweet colors, lovely characters, funny expressions and fantastic plots, revealing childish naïve styles everywhere. He frees his emotions naturally and instinctively through the method of “arbitrarily smearing” over the canvas; while the careful and intelligent thoughts of an adult can also be found. For example, the application of perspective brings the picture more 3-D effects; the strong sense of scene and the arrangement of settings highlight typical personalities of characters and characteristics of objects. Apart from simplicity, his works are endowed with the technicality, decorative characteristic and comprehensiveness. Painting skills can be discovered in seemingly casual expressions and are not overused to belittle the connotation of the work. This is not merely a creation for delighting oneself, but has multiple identities of public nature and groupment, reflecting his calmness, perspectives and humorous sense of the times.


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1982 Born in Tianjin, China

2005 BFA from Oil Painting Department of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
2001 Graduated from High School attached to Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

Neither Perception nor Non-perception – Jing Zhiyong Solo Exhibition, Asia Art Center, Beijing
Losing Communal Identity—Emerging Artist From China, inter alia Art Company, Korea
2009 Adventures – Group Exhibition of Emerging Young Artists of the AAC, Asia Art Center, Beijing
2008 Young Creation: 2008 Art College Students Exhibition, Outstanding Prize


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To be a marker next to you and others to find.
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