# HIHEY001932



Medium : Oil on Canvas

Dimensions : Φ200㎝

Year : 2011

Markings : Signature on Back

Exhibition : 2011 "The East Travel Notes"Zhang Jingli Solo Exhibition,Asia Art Center, Beijing

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Zhang Jingli received his graduate diploma from Print-making Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. Based on his true emotional experience, Zhang creates his works to express his deep confusion on the essence of human nature, concerns about the pain of life and daily emotions. Before 2008, he was a sober social observer, using vivid metaphorical description to imply noisy, mixed, formidable vitality of Chinese life in his works, showing serious concerns on increasingly out-of-control society. From 2008, he began to change his painting style by adding a well-known Chinese character Monkey King. Declared himself the “Great Sage Equal of Heaven”, Monkey King is a lively, rebel hero who slays demons and searches for justice. The character can be seen everywhere in Zhang’s works. The artist depicts Monkey King with supernatural powers and 72transformation skills, in the background full of imagination and vision, creating unparalleled visual tension, and bringing viewers unlimited imagination. However, through the seemingly lighthearted, satirical pictures, the sensitive artist hopes that in the context of today's rapidly-developed society and excessive acceptance of foreign culture, the character deeply-rooted in Chinese culture will re-evoke the self-consciousness on survival and the reflection on environment. 

The images created by paintings may not be comparable to those of popular cultures, so his paintings directly select figures and objects in the real world. He intends to find the territory of painting, which is out of the reach of images of popular culture, and reserve some irreplaceable tension during art ideation process of painting through those fragments full of conflicts in his works.


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1970 Born in Nanyang City, Henan, China

1991 Graduated from Department of Fine Arts, Nanyang Normal University
2000 Graduated from graduate student class, Printmaking Department, China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Group Exhibitions
“Journey to the East” Zhang Jingli Solo Exhibition, Asia Art Center, Beijing
“Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition”, Museu Fundação Oriente, Lisbon, Portugal
“SH Contemporary”, Asia Art Center, Shanghai
“Reflection 2009” New Art World Invitation Exhibition, West Lake Art Gallery, Hangzhou
“Reflection 2009” New Art World Invitation Exhibition, Wall Art Museum, Beijing
“Night Walk”-Group Exhibition of Contemporary New Artists, Asia Art Center, Beijing
The 2nd Dragonair Emerging Chinese Artist Awards (DECAA), Art Scene China, Shanghai
The 1st Dragonair Emerging Chinese Artist Awards (DECAA), Art Scene China, Shanghai
Group Exhibition of Printmaking Work by postgraduates in Printmaking Department at China Central Academy of Fine Arts, National Art Museum of China, Beijing


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To be a marker next to you and others to find.
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