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Today Lay A Foundation

Medium : Oil on Canvas

Dimensions : 80×60㎝

Year : 2009

Markings : YANGQING2009

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YANG QING1969 贵州,中国



He graduated from the Art Department of Guizhou Normal University with a bachelor's degree in July 1994. In August 1994, he settled in the Yuanmingyuan Painter Village and established the "Five Horses" studio. In April 2001, he formed the "Dang.COM" performance art group, now living in Beijing Songzhuang, engaged in free art creation

Exhibition / Collection
“Look! Hermit...” Huamao Center, Yanchao, Beijing
"Seventy acres of sunflowers" Songzhuang Art Museum
"Watching" Photography Unit Exhibition Grassland 3CCD300 Gallery Beijing
Songzhuang Art Document Exhibition Qifang Street Art District Urumqi
“Sensitive Zone” Performance Art Exhibition Contemporary Art Museum Beijing
Performance Art China Document Exhibition Songzhuang Art Museum
“Width 3” Contemporary Art Exhibition Contemporary Art Museum Beijing
“Click on the light and sorrow” Ma Wu Theater Beijing
“Community! Community!” Songzhuang Wansheng Art Museum
The 8th KOPAS International Performance Art Festival KOPAS Seoul
“Main Service” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Beicun Art Museum Seoul
The 10th OPEN International Performance Art Festival OPEN Reality Contemporary Art Center
"Exile and Redemption" A glimpse of space 798
“Art Community Survey Exhibition” Songzhuang Art Museum
Contemporary Smell Art Exhibition Shangshang Art Museum Beijing
The Songzhuang Generation in Progress Songzhuang Original Expo Center
“The Songzhuang Time” Contemporary Art Exhibition Songzhuang Original Expo Center
The 1st Busan International Performance Art Festival FABRIS Korea
Songzhuang Contemporary Art Exhibition Songzhuang Original Expo Center
"From Yuanmingyuan to Songzhuang" Document Exhibition Ji Bole Gallery Beijing
"Emotional and Artistic" Disaster Relief Sale Exhibition 798 Creative Square 818 Library
"Shadow" Behavior Exhibition Art Channel Gallery Beijing
Spanish Performance Video Art Festival EspaceCulturalAmple Barcelona
The 3rd Songzhuang Art Festival Original Exhibition Songzhuang Original Expo Center
The 3rd Sino-Japanese Performance Art Exchange Program Rain Gallery Beijing
Fifth Avenue Scene Time Space Beijing
“East Coast Pier” Contemporary Art Exhibition Economic and Trade Center Beijing
China Songzhuang Contemporary Art Tour Exhibition Beijing/Shanghai/Jinan/Shenyang
"June United" International Behavior Exchange Exhibition, Accidental Space, Beijing
Sino-Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition Yixiang Gallery Beijing
"Duck Farm" Behavior Exhibition Exhibition Songzhuang
“Five through the Yuanmingyuan” Art Channel Gallery Beijing
"Derailment" China Video and Behavior Literature Exhibition University of California, Berkeley Center
Contemporary Quan Chong Art Exhibition Jindu Art Center Beijing
One-minute video manufacturing exhibition Rain Gallery Beijing
The first contemporary professional artist painting exhibition Beijing
"Abel Tasman Writing" Tasmania 12 Beach Australia
“Removal, Demolition, Demolition” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Suojia Village Art Camp, Beijing
“Looking at the Body” Chinese Performance Art Document Exhibition Macao Museum of Art
“Uncertain expression” Zero workshop Beijing
“In House” Contemporary Art Exhibition Chapman & Bailey Gallery Melbourne
“The Other Side” Contemporary Art Exhibition Plimsoll Art Museum Australia
“VIDEO GAME” Art Fair Bari ArtExpo Italy
“Avenue” live art festival Jianwai SOHO Beijing
Live Art Festival Tokyo Gallery Beijing
“DNA” Image Art Exhibition Nan Xincang Museum Beijing
“Hyun” Concept Art Exhibition Huixian Art Space Guangzhou
"Flying" Art Exhibition Red Square Show Beijing
Pingyao International Photography Festival New Photography Exhibition
0°C Contemporary Art Exhibition Bridge Art Workshop Beijing
“When.COM” Performance Art Festival Happy Park Beijing
"The Cause of Blasting" Contemporary Art Museum Beijing
“Abnormal and Daily” Contemporary Art Exhibition Original Bow Art Museum Shanghai
“Open Art Platform” International Performance Art Festival Huairou Beijing
Art Invitational Exhibition of “Hundred Years of Hundred People and 100 Family Names” Nanjing Normal University
“Out of Control” Concept Art Exhibition Beijing Design Museum
Nine-person Wandering Live Exhibition Beijing Concert Hall Gallery
“Five Horses” Yuanmingyuan Open-air Painting Exhibition Yuanmingyuan Painter Village Beijing
"Five horses" poetry reading (one month) Guiyang street Guizhou
Guizhou Seven Oil Painting Exhibition Guiyang Workers Cultural Palace


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To be a marker next to you and others to find.
Use commas to separate.