# HIHEY001474


Two College Girls Were Tied

Medium : C-print on Acid Free Paper

Dimensions : 62×50㎝

Year : 2004

Markings : 刘瑾

Edition : 5/12

  • Listed:2011-11-21
  • click count:4335

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LIU JIN1971 江苏,中国



Graduated from the Department of Arts and Crafts of Xuzhou Engineering College in Jiangsu Province in 1995, living in Beijing in 1996, freelance artist

"Second Face" Liu Wei Photography New Works Academic Exhibition White Box Art Museum Beijing
The 1st Toronto Chinese Photography Festival Euterpe Art School Canada
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“Taiwan Photo” The First Taiwan Photography Art Fair Taipei
"Fake Myth" Photography Double Show ILLUM Gallery Seoul
"Injured Angel & Belief Space" Liu Wei, Qu Yan Contemporary Photography Double Exhibition Taipei
“Performance Art Chinese Literature 1985-2010” Songzhuang Art Museum Beijing
Beijing 798 Art Festival
"Power and Politics and the Environment in Contemporary Chinese Photography" Bergen 3.14 Foundation Oslo Trenhain Tour Norway
“Water” Grassland Season Photography Festival Contemporary Photography Exhibition Art Gate Gallery Beijing
Lianzhou International Photography Exhibition Guangdong
Zhejiang Lishui International Photography Festival Lishui
Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall Berlin
“Peer” German-Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Wuhan Art Museum
"The Narrative China" 4th Chengdu Biennale
“Look at the true D.com” 3rd Guangzhou International Photography Biennale Guangdong Museum of Art
“China Image and City Banner” Xi'an Qujiang International Contemporary Art Season Qujiang Contemporary Art Center
China Power China International Sculpture Yearbook Exhibition Beijing/Hangzhou
Paris International Contemporary Art Fair Paris Grand Palace
Brussels Contemporary Art Fair Belgium
ART HK Hong Kong International Contemporary Art Fair Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
“Starting Point: [Incoming Art Life 366 Days] Growth and Change from January 1st to December 31st, 2008” Zhengda Modern Art Museum Shanghai
“Inner Burst or Fusion·The Very Instant of International Art Dialogue” No.1 Art District Shang Elements Art Museum Beijing
"Missing" China Contemporary Photography Exhibition Red House Foundation Agency London
"New Century Chinese Image" Art Gate New York
"Ideology Evolution - Ten Years of China's Conceptual Photography Review and Prospects" Temporal Space Beijing
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China Contemporary Literature Exhibition Wall Art Museum Beijing
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The 38th Arles Photography Festival France
“Super Real” DR Gallery Beijing
“Sew” Contemporary International Art Exhibition No. 1 Art District Paragraph Space Beijing
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Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Eli Klein Fine Art New York
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China International Gallery Exposition F2 Gallery Agricultural Exhibition Hall
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“Serving One Billion People” Asian Civilization Art Museum Singapore
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Bologna Art Fair Italy
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“Give and Transcend” Artists' Painting Works Exhibition in the 1970s Yunfeng Gallery Beijing
“Anti-vision, Self and Environment” Contemporary Art Exhibition Beijing University of Science and Technology


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