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Flare NO.9 Two Suns

Medium : Oil on Canvas

Dimensions : 270×180㎝

Year : 2010

Markings : Signed

Exhibition : 2011 “耀斑”赵葆康个展 视点艺术空间 上海

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In 2004, Olafur Eliason (Danish) manufactured a sun inside TATE Gallery. Myriad & hundreds of globes transformed the museum into a bright world, like LSD, it mimics a wonder into realities for those who stepped in, questioning & assuming it was merely a justification of their own sense.

the Premiere of anthem “The east is Red" was set on exact date as the first nuclear device was exploded - it was on October 16,1964. The Great Hall (of the People) was packed with more than 3000 staffs in the backstage, remaining all anxiously upon awaiting, following Zhou Enlai, the assigned chief director, helped rehearsing a lavishly outsized show, tailored to someone who's sitting alone quietly in his room 118 - Mao Zedong.

 “The explosion was successful.” News were heard as “The east was red” was casting on the stage, all the instruments, rows of ceiling & stage lights flashed over instantly. Mao smiles as he walked in, his colleagues was following behind. He waved to 3000 & smiles, everyone was hopping & cheering, as the sun turns to be as if extremely massive this time, People had been rejoice wildly, performed more exaggerated than ever.

One was sizzling over the body, another melting the heart. If they were by anyway related, both shine with hypnosis.



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ZHAO BAOKANG1953 上海,中国



From 1966 to 1968, he attended Shanghai Luodian Middle School as the editor of "Red Guards". From 1968 to 1975, he went to the countryside to become an educated youth. From 1971 to 1972, he was seconded to the local county cultural center as an art worker. From 1973 to 1975, he was seconded to the local county theater group for design. From 1975 to 1978, he attended the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Department of Stage Art, from 1978 to 1985, was the stage design of the Wuhan Military Region Repertory Theatre. From 1986 to 1995, the army was transferred to the Shanghai University Academy of Fine Arts. From 1996 to 1906, the freelance artist, from 2007 to now, Fudan University Shanghai Visual Arts College, teaching and painting, Member of the Chinese Artists Association, currently working and living in Shanghai and Sydney

Exhibition / Awards
Zhao Yukang Oil Painting Exhibition Art Gallery Hong Kong
Zhao Yikang's solo exhibition Black Apple Gallery Shanghai
Contemporary Abstract Invitational Exhibition Moganshan Road Angle Gallery Shanghai
"Red Memory" Art Invitational Exhibition Liu Haisu Art Museum Shanghai
“Return to Modern” Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition West Lake Art Museum Zhejiang
“Intervention: 366 days of artistic life” Zhengda Contemporary Art Museum Shanghai
World Peace Art Festival Yokohama Art Museum Japan
“Shanghai New Painting” French Confidence Gallery Shanghai
"Together" Beijing Guardian International Auction
696 Space Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition 696 Contemporary Art Space Shanghai
“presenting “Contemporary Art Exhibition” Jiangwan 800 Art Center Shanghai
"Another Perspective - New Art from China" Washington
“One person a year” Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition Dongfanghong Gallery Shanghai
"Haiping Line" Shanghai Painting and Sculpture Exhibition Liu Haisu Art Museum Shanghai
Contemporary Art Exhibition Shanghai Times Square
The 2nd Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition Mingyuan Contemporary Art Center
"In the name of the object" Sea Mountain Art Center Shanghai
“Another History” Power Art Gallery Sydney
"Shaping and Fantasy" Shanghai Art Museum
“Link” Contemporary Art Tour Beijing/Taiyuan/Daqing
“Made Casting” Shanghai Contemporary Artists Creative Sculpture Exhibition Spring Art Salon
“Different Space” Sino-Japanese Modern Art Exhibition Duolun Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai
“Crest Point” Chinese Artists Exhibition Sydney Art Space Gallery
Ghost Fish Art Exhibition Ken Butan Art Gallery Sydney
“East + West” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Artist House Vienna
“24:30” Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition BizArt Center Shanghai
“Metaphysical” Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition Shanghai Art Museum
"Abstract New World" Liu Haisu Art Museum Shanghai
Exhibition of Chinese Modern Artists Exhibition, Bologna Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Asian Artists Alliance Member Exhibition Asian Contemporary Art Center Sydney
“Metaphysical” Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition Shanghai Art Museum
Chinese Contemporary Painting Exhibition 21 Lhomond Art Space Paris
The 2nd China International Sand Sculpture Competition won the first prize Zhoushan
"Abstract Tone" two-person exhibition BizArt Center Shanghai
“Location of East Asia” China Japan Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition Changning Modern Art Center Shanghai
“CHINA 46” Shanghai Melbourne Taipei Hawke Art Hall Taiwan
"Completion of materials and sculptures on the cloth" three exhibitions BizArt Center Shanghai
“Urban Abstraction” Abstract Art Salon Invitational Exhibition Shanghai University Art Academy Salon
New Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition 179 Zhongshan Road West Garage Shanghai
“Environment and Art Today” International Conference Center Shanghai
“20+1” China Modern Art Exhibition Tokyo Exhibition Tokyo International Exchange Center
“Instant, Chinese Contemporary Art at the End of the Twentieth Century” Chicago University of the Arts
"Invisible existence" abstract art exhibition Shanghai University Academy of Fine Arts Gallery
“Abstract and figurative” modern art exhibition Changning Art Center Shanghai
China Hong Kong and Taiwan Artists Invitational Exhibition International Convention and Exhibition Center Hong Kong
Shanghai Modern Art Exhibition Stockholm
“20+1 China Modern Art Exhibition” Fusion and Difference Exhibition Shanghai Art Museum
China Contemporary Art Exhibition and Shanghai Art Museum Berlin and other seven cities tour exhibition
Asian Culture and Art Seminar Exhibition International Conference Center Shanghai
China Oil Painting Biennale won the award for outstanding works China Art Institute Beijing
Shanghai Art Exhibition won the bronze medal Shanghai Art Museum
Zhao Yikang Abstract Works Exhibition Huating Gallery Shanghai
The First Art Friends' Painting Exhibition Wuhan Exhibition Hall
The 6th National Fine Arts Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing


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