ANNA SALENKO 1990 Vladivostok,Russian Federation



2002 - 2007 Russian classical art school, Vladivostok. Russia

05/2003 Young Art Space exhibition. Vladivostok. Russia.

10/2003 School of Arseniy DAF Museum exhibition. Vladivostok. Russia.

11/2004 Dom Xudoznika. Vladivostok international exhibition hall. Russia.

06-08/2005 summer practice in Perth Language School.Perth. Australia.

01/2006 Winter Colors art show. Vladivostok. Russia.

05/2006 International Student’s art works exhibition. Osaka. Japan.

06/2007 Russian Vladivostok Central Museum graduation Art Show. Vladivostok. Russia.

2007-2008 Woosong University. International Business Management. Daejeon. South Korea.

2008-2011 Graduated with diploma of Fashion Marketing in Instituto Europeo Di Design (IED) Milan. Italy.

Take courses at the Milan National Academy of Fine Arts - Brera Academy, department of visual arts - oil painting. Milan. Italy.

10/2010 personal exhibition La Belezza di Mondo- Cubo Glam. Tradate, Milan. Italy.

03/2011 International exhibition Garibaldi- art and photography exhibitions. Milan. Italy.

07/2011 personal exhibition La Belezza di Mondo- Cubo Glam. Tradate, Milan. Italy.

03/2012 Modern Art international exhibition. Lago di Como. Italy.

2012 developing personal painting style, using knife palette.

11/2013 moved to Guangzhou. China.

07/2014 Personal art exhibition Guangzhou. China.
08/2014 Canton conference exhibition. Guangzhou. China.
09/2014 Canton Art Fair. Guangzhou. China.

09/ 2014 Opened professional art education centre in Guangzhou. China.

10/2014 Macau Contemporary art fair. Macau.
10/2014 Shanghai Luxury fair. China.
11/2014 Affordable Art fair. Singapore .

09/2015 Opened professional children educational centre ANNA SALENKO. Guangzhou. China.

07/2016 Course of French oil art, Marseille. France.

08/2017 V.Surikov Art Academy oil practice course. Moscow. Russia

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